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BODYSPORTS health club

Branding proposal for a new health club called BODYSPORTS.
The brief called for the use of the letter B for the main graphic element, using green for the symbol and black for the business name. The symbol was to be friendly and inviting to all audiences. The symbol developed uses simple curves with friendly round caps encapsulated in an oval indicating forward motion and a desire to succeed. The mark is memorable and unique, it stands out amongst its competitors while still remaining inviting to both male and females. The Typeface chosen for Bodysports is Stratum which provides a solid base and an instant sporty feel while still maintaining a balance with its partner symbol. Myraid was chosen for the tag-line and copy, as this san-serif has friendly curved lines is easily read with a variety of weights and yet still holds a professional clean look.For presentation purposes the symbol uses a gradient but it was designed to be used effectively with solid colours in a variety of formats including web, application icons and further branding collateral.

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